The Civic Beat Sundae: Dec 16 Edition

As we enter the holiday season, we have lots of treats in store. Last week, we summed up our panel on “Arts and Culture Criticism in the Age of Networked Power” at the Yerba Buena Center’s Dissident Futures Art and Ideas Festival. And today, we kicked off our three-part interview with »

The Civic Beat Sundae: Dec 8 Edition

It’s been a happy start to December as we celebrate our strongest month so far, with nearly 4000 followers on Tumblr and rapid readership growth on our main blog. Hope our friends in colder climes in the northern hemisphere are staying warm! And for everyone else, enjoy a nice cool Sundae »

The Civic Beat Sundae: Nov 24 Edition

So we’re still figuring out what’s going on, but we were super psyched to see our Tumblr follower counts shoot up this week… like to nearly 2000! While we’re sure some of those followers must be bots, we also hope there are some humans in there who want to get »

The Civic Beat Sundae: Nov 17 Edition

Ready for this week’s Sundae? We have two new articles from Ben Valentine and Sean Kolodji, looking at memes in Vietnam and the US.  Stay tuned for more articles from Ben on the topic of Vietnamese meme culture (btw, have you seen Vietmeme yet?). We’ve been working hard on content »

The Civic Beat Sundae: Nov 10 Edition

Happy November! Today is 11/10, which which makes it feel like we’re counting backward to 2014.  Our co-founder, An Xiao, has just returned from a 10-day fellowship with the USC Annenberg / Getty Arts Journalism program.   She tells us she’ll be writing more about it soon, which we’re looking »

The Civic Beat Sundae: Nov 3 Edition

Happy belated Halloween! Did any of you in NY see Jedward Snowden at HallowMEME? Or Asian Jon Snow? In other news, we unearthed a gem of a discussion on Tumblr about how Medusa (mythical Greek monster with snakes on hear head) is actually a victim of the gods; plus latining »

The Civic Beat Sundae: Oct 27 Edition

Jason kicked off this week with his coverage of Instagram Selfies and Hong Kong’s Free TV Movement; we were as surprised as you that Instagram became the dominant forum of civic expression! The other big event happened Saturday, when thousands gathered in Washington DC to join the anti-NSA surveillance, #StopWatchingUs »

The Civic Beat Sundae: Oct 20 Edition

Happy Sunday! We don’t have any new articles this week as we’ve been busy preparing for a few projects, but we do have some great news. Ben Valentine, our strategist and regular contributor, will be speaking at SXSW alongside Andres Monroy-Hernandez of Microsoft Research, Elena Agapie at Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA, and J. Nathan Matias of »

The Civic Beat Sundae: Oct 13 Edition

It’s Sunday the 13th! That must mean something somewhere, right? This week we only had one Reader article but it was a tasty one. Swedish videographer and meme-nographer Sara Fritzon spoke with us about memes about fika, a tasty essential snack for Swedes. For this Sundae, we’re trying out a »

The Civic Beat Sundae: Oct 5 Edition

Ahhh… fall is in the air. And so is autumn love, and pastas falling in love online. We recently wrote about the #BoycottBarilla/#BoicottBarilla meme that blew up on Twitter and Facebook in response to homophobic remarks from the chairman of the  Barilla pasta group. Mr. Barilla in turn issued a »