Breaking down the Knight News Challenge Applicants

Updated 4/29: head to the bottom of this post to see who did and didn’t get into the semi-finals! As you may have already read, we submitted a project to the Knight News Challenge to amplify, archive and create a community around social change memes. (More about that on our »

GitHubbed: Scapple Business Model Canvas + WordPress Recipe

We at the Civic Beat are huge fans (and beneficiaries) of the open source movement. That’s why several weeks ago, we silently set up shop on GitHub, one of the web’s largest repository of open source projects (amongst other things). And now, before we get ready to wind down for »

Cowbird: And now comes good sailing

Deep Storytelling Platforms: What’s Working So Far

Here at The Civic Beat, we’re deeply passionate about new platforms for storytelling enabled by technology. As journalism and reportage enter the digital age, we believe that more has to be done than simply transferring print practices to the online world. And while we explore new stories from the web, »