The Civic Beat Sundae: Nov 3 Edition


Happy belated Halloween! Did any of you in NY see Jedward Snowden at HallowMEME? Or Asian Jon Snow? In other news, we unearthed a gem of a discussion on Tumblr about how Medusa (mythical Greek monster with snakes on hear head) is actually a victim of the gods; plus latining points out that “Her head was used as a symbol to mark women’s shelters in ancient Greece.”


World Scoop

The debate over letting women drive in Saudi heats up. Local comedians remix Bob Marley and receive over 9 million hits on Youtube.



Illustrators outside of Russia show solidarity for the LGBT community within. Lots. Of. Awesome. Art. Produced.

(Image credit: Terry Wong.)


Bulgarian university students hashtag up to protest government corruption. Follow #occupySU for more.


Culture Swirl

17 Deplorable Examples of White Privilege. The world of socially conscious listicles begins!

A Chrome plug-in that randomly redirects you to more world news. Inspired by Zuckerman’s Rewire, created by West Space Journal.

Tufekci argues that social media is great at stirring up awareness, but at the peril of building up a way to win.


Cone Of Censorship

Egypt’s “Jon Stewart” is sued and censored. Not a good sign of how things are going.

Images of Smoke Above Tiananmen Deleted From Chinese Social Network. Well that’s no surprise.

The Italian Government is trying to pass a law to allow them to delete without court approval. That and more over at this week’s Netizen Report.



They ran out so fast customers were given cash vouchers as an apology.  On Tuesday, Uber offered 15 minutes of kitten snuggling for $20. Order the kittens as you would a black car 🙂