The Civic Beat Sundae: Sept 22 Edition

Ready for your weekly scoop of internet culture writing? This week, we published a look at #Tokyo2020 memes from Japan and the West (a topic we’re still exploring – reach out if you have any experience!) and we followed up on #AskAMemeMaker Day with Laura Isaac and Phil Good, who »

#Tokyo2020: Let the Memes Begin

「これが新型iPadです」 — 片岡K (@kataoka_k) September 7, 2013 Despite almost missing the opportunity due to health concerns about Fukushima, Japan has been chosen to be the host of the 2020 Olympic games. Like any important globally relevant event, memes were a popular way to react and respond to the event. »

#AskAMemeMaker – What did we learn?

A few months ago, as part of our efforts to build a community around The Civic Beat and meme-making, we launched #AskAMemeMaker Day, in the same vein as #AskACurator.  Hyperallergic, one of our spiritual blog forebears, was kind enough to write a short piece about it, and we were pleased »

The Civic Beat Sundae: September 15 Edition

Introducing… The Civic Beat Sundae: Your weekly scoop of internet culture writing from ’round the web.  The Civic Beat team has been tinkering a lot in the background as we prepare our public-facing site and research, and we realized we’ve been coming across a slew of articles and research already out »

Eye To Eye: The Music Video Taking Over Pakistan’s Social Media

ISLAMABAD– A few days ago, local artist Taher Shah released a music video, which went viral on social media. It is worth mentioning here that despite the recent nationwide ban on YouTube, this video became viral and both #EyeToEye and Taher Shah were a top trending topic in Pakistan for »

#Standingman: The Meme for the Masses

Editor’s Note: This is a reblog of a post by tech writer David Banks at Cyborgology. It has been reprinted with their permission. It represents our ongoing coverage of the internet response to the protests in Turkey. For more on this topic, check out Arda İbikoğlu’s guest reblog on penguins and »

Penguins and Chapulling: Disproportionate Humor in the Turkey Protests

Editor’s Note: This is a reblog of a blog post by the Istanbul-based researcher Arda İbikoğlu originally titled Protest Humor: “Let’s use disproportionate intelligence!” İbikoğlu was generous enough to offer his permission to reblog it here. Sparked initially by a small group of activists resisting the construction of barracks in Istanbul’s Gezi Park, »

Thank you, TEDGlobal 2013. Let’s move it forward.

I had a terrific week this past week in Edinburgh as a speaker for TEDGlobal 2013. Imagine my surprise a few months ago when TED reached out and asked me to speak on the topic of Chinese internet culture. I was in Uganda at the time and pushed back, saying »

Red, Pink, and the Prop 8 Blues: the Overwhelming Online Support for Marriage Equality

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA– After years of struggle in the battle for marriage equality, LGBT activists and supporters are all dressed up for their big day. The wedding whites will have to wait (for now) but gay marriage supporters are wearing red—at least on their Facebook profiles—to show support for the »

No Beard, No King!

AMSTERDAM — There’s a new king in town in nearly a century. Queen Beatrix, who took the throne for 33 years, has formally abdicated. She is now a 75-year-old princess, and Willem-Alexander, her son, is the new King. Argentina-born wife Maxima will be the new Queen. “Now that my oldest »