Eye To Eye: The Music Video Taking Over Pakistan’s Social Media


ISLAMABAD– A few days ago, local artist Taher Shah released a music video, which went viral on social media. It is worth mentioning here that despite the recent nationwide ban on YouTube, this video became viral and both #EyeToEye and Taher Shah were a top trending topic in Pakistan for the last few days.

You all must be wondering what’s so special in this video that it went so viral and made it to the top trending topic? Well, we all remember Rebecca Black’s Friday ?.

This song became viral for many reasons but some of the important factors which made it viral are the looks of Taher Shah and the lyrics of the songs. Taher Shah– a model, singer, director, producer etcetera by profession – sways side to side in his latest music video singing about eyes – his eyes, your eyes, their eyes, everybody’s eyes. The lyrics are in English and it’s a must watch.

Taher Shah himself released the Urdu version of his song just by translating the lyrics. However there are a lot of parodies in English and Urdu of the same song, e.g., Ass to Ass and some Urdu versions. The large chunk of locals in Pakistan are not necessarily fluent English speakers but mostly these meme generators/creative guys are well versed with English.

The majority of the social media population in Pakistan comprises of youth, and they speak English very well. While Facebook is more commonly used in Pakistan, as per last week’s stats, out of a population of 180 million on Pakistan only 9 million are on Facebook. However, the Twitter population is more ruled by the educated class, which speaks English very well.

Here is what Pakistan’s creative Twitterati have to say about the song: