Tom Daley, #BisexualFacts and Queer Visibility


Editor’s Note: Be sure to see our interview with @verylemonade, who tells us she started the hashtag in response to mainstream media commentary on the issue.

Olympic diver Tom Daley recently came out on his YouTube channel as being in a relationship with a man. Despite Daley clearly admitting to liking both men and woman, mainstream media outlets have largely been reporting him as gay. While he is currently in a monogamous relationship with a male, that doesn’t make him homosexual. He says on the video, “Of course I still fancy girls, but I mean, right now I am dating a guy and I couldn’t be happier. It just feels safe and it just really does feel right.”

Rightfully feeling wronged for just one more example of the consistent erasure of bisexuality in movements and the media, the bisexual community and supporters have launched a hashtag meme on Twitter: #Bisexualfacts.  Most are tongue-in-cheek “facts”, poking fun at stereotypes and misguided assumptions about the bisexual community, while some make up facts altogether. Like #TweetLikeAForeignJournalist in Kenya and the reclamation of “chapulling” as a verb in Turkey, these jokes steer the popular narrative and draw attention to their absurdity.  Here are some of our favorite reactions: